Write Your Paper

Read Information for Authors for writing papers, displaying equations accurately, and improving graphics. The template will help you get your research ready for publication.

Source: Information for Authors, Section 3

Write in Technical English

Communicate your ideas and research to the world through a well-written paper. Technical English will improve the readability of your paper.

Follow these tips of Technical English:

  • Write clear, simple sentences without unnecessary words.
  • Avoid overly formal or complex language.
  • Define all acronyms the first time they are used in the paper.
  • Organize your paper logically so that the reader can easily follow your argument.

If you are not fully proficient in English, consider using an English language editing service before submitting your paper. The use of an editing service is paid for by the author. It does not guarantee acceptance in a Trans. JIEP publication.

Source: Information for Authors, Section 3-1



Original image quality is very important to how your graphics will reproduce. Using vector files and high-resolution images will improve the quality of your graphics in the final published article.

Use high-resolution images

If you are unable to create your graphic in vector format, make sure that your graphic is created at a high resolution from the beginning.

>300dpi resolution is recommended for non-vector graphics for color and grayscale images and >600dpi for black and white line art. Note that increasing the resolution after image creation will not improve the image’s quality.

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