Introducing the Japan Institute of Electronics packaging (JIEP)

The Japan Institute of Electronics packaging (JIEP) was established in 1998 by the merger of the former “Society for Hybrid Microelectronics” and the former “Japan Institute for Printed Circuit,” and is one of the largest academic societies for electronics packaging technology in Japan. Some 2,400 researchers and engineers, active in the front lines of industry and academia, form a community concerned with packaging technology, one of the core technologies of Japan's electronics industry, and contribute to the advancement of research and development and the training of engineers.

Principal activities

Publication of journals

Journal of the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (in Japanese)
pISSN: 1343-9677, eISSN:1884-121X

The journal carries mainly research papers announcing the results of latest research and development work and feature articles covering latest technological trends, and is issued seven times a year, in odd-numbered months and in August.

The journal is delivered in paper form to our members (optional for student members), and can also be viewed online on our web pages and J-STAGE.

Some content is shared with a range of communities in Japan and overseas through external media, including English and Korean versions.

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (in English)
eISSN: 1884-8028

Published electronically once a year in December, carrying mainly research papers.

Academic and international conferences

A nationwide academic conference and a Microelectronics Symposium (MES) are held every spring and autumn, bringing together research results of the latest packaging technology.

Since 1980, the International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP) has been held in Japan every year.

Technical Committees and Working Groups

There are 13 technical committees that oversee each technical field of electronics packaging, and under the technical committees, there are 26 working groups in which members participate autonomously, with the aim of exchanging technical information and forming personal networks among members. The working groups hold open events to the general public by inviting guest lecturers about 35 times a year.

Educational lectures and seminars

For new employees and young engineers (new engineers), we offer educational courses for the purpose of providing a systematic understanding of basic technologies, and educational seminars to explain the latest topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

Exhibition planning and operation

For the Microelectronics Show, held concurrently with the JPCA Show (June), we plan and operate the “Cutting-edge Packaging Technology Symposium” which introduces the latest technologies by inviting leading researchers and engineers as lecturers, “Academic Plaza,” which showcases the work and results of universities and research institutes, and the small-scale exhibition “eX-tech.”

Branch activities

There are branch offices in Kansai and Kyushu, which carry out their own planning and operations.

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