Mission Statement

Mission of the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging

A draft version of the “JIEP Mission” that was incorporated into the report of the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP) Development Concept Committee Report for fiscal 2005 was deliberated and proofed by the Board of Directors, and the following statement was decided upon.

By announcing the established JIEP mission in the JIEP journal we declare and strongly promote it both within and outside of the organization.

Mission of the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging
We seek to lead technology in the field of electronics packaging and foster a wide circle of collaboration among industry, academia and government to promote the cultivation and fusion of technology and theory and realize the creation of new value.
This is the activity mission that JIEP intends to pursue.

Significance and positioning of JIEP activities

The significance of our activities may be expressed in the following points, and are presented below in an easy-to-understand three-tier diagram.

  • We promote the cultivation of elements such as theory and skills, and the integration of elemental technologies based on these, and further the creation of the systems and functions that have developed from these, leading to the fostering of human talent and the development of corporate activities.
  • Our circles of collaboration are not limited to Japan only, and we always remain conscious of internationalization in our activities.
  • We take the initiative in industry-academia-government collaboration.
Conceptual diagram of significance of JIEP activities
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