General Information

ICEP2015 will be held in conjenction with the 4th iMAPS All Asia Conference.
Conference: ICEP-IAAC 2015
                     2015 International Conference on Electronics Packaging & iMAPS All Asia Conference
Date: April 14-17, 2015
Venue: Kyoto Terrsa, Kyoto, Japan

Greeting from General Chair

Welcome to ICEP-IAAC2015! On behalf of all the organizing colleagues, I would like to sincerely welcome you to the joint conference of ICEP (the International Conference on Electronics Packaging) and IAAC (IMAPS All Asia Conference). Since its inception as IMC in 1980, ICEP has been the largest and premier international conference on electronics packaging in Japan. ICEP has grown over the years, and in 2015, it will be collocated with the fourth IAAC, which has been made possible by vigorous friendships and collaborations with colleagues in Korea and Taiwan along with partnerships with IMAPS and IEEE CPMT Society. ICEP-IAAC2015 is going to be held in Kyoto, the famous ancient capital of Japan and one of the most popular destinations for travelers. April is perhaps the best season of the year to visit Kyoto with cherry blossoms blooming across the city.  
The following comprise the highlights of ICEP-IAAC2015.
● Over 200 oral and poster presentations are being prepared across 46 sessions in 5 parallel
   sessions, contributed from over 10 countries and regions. Topics covered include technically
   oriented Materials, Interconnection, Power Devices and 3DIC to application oriented Printed
   Electronics, MEMS and Medical Devices, just to name a few. Poster sessions will be expanded in
   time and be held together with coffee breaks to stimulate discussions and to accommodate a
   growing number of posters.
● Four keynote lectures are scheduled inviting leaders and experts from fields in and out of
   electronics packaging.
● A special session of IMAPS Global Business Council (GBC) will be held with a focus on edge
   device technologies in the age of the Internet of things (IoT). The Council will be held as a kickoff
   event for the conference, and the IoT focus may run through the entire week.
● A special session of IAAC will be held in the afternoon of April 14, featuring experts to discuss
   trends of packaging technologies and business issues in regions they represent. The speakers
   are from the US, Europe, China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.    

In addition to the technical program of the conference, a Welcome Reception is being planned as a heartwarming dinner event at a hideaway restaurant in Higashiyama, an area where we can feel the culture and the “taste” of traditional Kyoto. On Saturday, we are planning an excursion tour (optional). To celebrate our blessed friendships and successful completion of ICEP-IAAC2015, we will spend the day taking a tour in southern Kyoto.

ICEP continues to establish its status to serve as a major platform to connect researchers, engineers and business executives/managers coming from all around the world. It has been my
privilege to be able to work with members of organizing committees and the dedicated staff at JIEP. My sincere appreciation also goes to the members of the newly established International Technical Committee. On behalf of everyone participated so far to prepare for ICEP-IAAC2015, I am delighted and honored to let you know that we are looking forward to meeting with you in Kyoto. I hope that you have fruitful discussions and pleasant stay in Kyoto.

Hitoshi Sakamoto
General Chair, ICEP-IAAC2015